Can You Put A Treadmill Upstairs?


Can You Put A Treadmill Upstairs?
Can You Put A Treadmill Upstairs?

Are you thinking of getting a treadmill at home and placing it upstairs? Do you want the answer to your query that can You Put A Treadmill Upstairs? Or maybe you have already got it and worried about putting it right. There you go. We are going to look over all the factors to be considered about placing it. 

What can be better than setting your Treadmill at your home? You are free from going to the gym, the cost of petrol, wasting your time and many more. Moreover, you can enjoy that at your home, burn your calories, enjoy your delicious shake, your crispy snacks, etc.  

Although it looks much comfortable to put the Treadmill at home, it is not like so. You have to place the right order, finalize the right place, and set the right time for running. 

You may have a lot of questions in your mind like;

  • Shall it damage my floor and ceiling if placed upstairs?
  • Shall it create noise while running?
  • Or Shall the floor be able to bear the weight of the Treadmill?

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Problems and Solutions in Placing Treadmill Upstairs

  Here are some of the problems and their solutions. Have a look!

Can your Floor Bear the Weight?

Can your floor bear the weight?
Can your floor bear the weight?

The most crucial factor is the floor’s weight-bearing capacity because if the floor wouldn’t be able to bear the weight, it’ll damage both floor and ceiling if placed upstairs. For this, you have to be concerned about the Treadmill’s weight and the person running over it. 

Nowadays, treadmills weigh about 200-300 lbs and about 120-180 lbs for the person running over them. So, it becomes overall about 320-480 lbs of weight. If the upstairs floor can bear this weight, then it’s an excellent choice to put a treadmill upstairs according to this aspect. 

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But if the floor is not able to bear this weight, then you may go for the following:

  • Place the Treadmill on the ground floor. That is the most straightforward choice.
  • Try to find out a lightweight treadmill so that it doesn’t damage your floor and ceiling.
  • Another option is to place your equipment adjacent to the load-bearing ball; it’ll reduce the risk of damage.

Would the Noise Produced be Bearable?

Would the noise produced be bearable?
Would the noise produced be bearable?

As we have solved the issue of floor selection, there is another issue of sound production. Placing the Treadmill upstairs may cause noise issues that may be disturbing to your family member, building mates, or your neighbors. 

We know that sound needs a medium to travel. But its speed is much faster in solids instead of air. So the sound produced by the upstairs placed Treadmill is of high intensity and not bearable for others. You have to care about the people living around you. So, we are offering solutions to this problem too.


  • You can use some carpets or treadmill mates to lessen the intensity of sound.
  • Testing the sound production by your floor before placing the Treadmill is the best option. For this, you have to remove your shoe and hit your heel or toe on the floor hard. Ask someone to hear the sound on the ground floor. If the sound is intense, this wouldn’t be the right choice to place the Treadmill upstairs. Could you not go for it?.
  • But if you don’t have space downstairs and have the only choice to fix it upstairs, then negotiate with your neighbors and family members. Set your running time when they are out of the home so tha they don’t get irritated by noise.

Using a Treadmill in an Apartment

Using a Treadmill in an Apartment
Using a Treadmill in an Apartment

Placing a treadmill in a house and an apartment is both very different and faces different factors to choose from. The apartment buildings are more congested and amplify the sounds produced much more. Moreover, if the floors are wooden, then sound production goes high. So, you have to take much more care if living in an apartment.


  • Look for an apartment building with a gym so that you don’t get stuck in all this.
  • But if your apartment building doesn’t have a gym and you have to set yourself, then chat with your neighbors, let them know, ask for their advice and then go smoothly.

Shifting a Treadmill Upstairs

You must be thinking about how I would shift my Treadmill upstairs as it’s cumbersome. The companies you order for the Treadmill will come to set it to your house. You may ask them to give extra charges for shifting before assembling it downstairs as it’ll be challenging to move after making, and the stairs may get narrow for moving upstairs. You have to consider your stairs’ width to shift the Treadmill as it’s a primary factor.

Wrap Up

Placing a treadmill upstairs is pretty well if you consider your floor and the sound or vibrations produced. Once you have taken your equipment upstairs, it’s good to go. You don’t have to worry about if you have done your work already about its suitability upstairs. 

Using a treadmill in an apartment may be risky as it’ll produce intense noise for neighbors. But if you have your own house, then you can go for it. Take full advantage of the solutions to the possible problems stated above and Enjoy your running at home.

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