Do’s and Don’ts of Flying a Drone | Beginners Guide

Bought a new drone? Cool! Are you excited to Fly it over the sky? You must be. But what if you collapse it at the very first fly? Well, that could be quite a disappointment. Then what is stopping you from taking a quick ride of do’s and don’ts of flying a drone?

We all have done it, taking our drone to the immediate fly right after unboxing it and resulting in a crash. You are prone to make a mistake while flying your new quadcopter first time. Sometimes, in excitement, we ignore some common errors that later cause colossal disappointment and destruction.

In recent years, drones have become an essential part of photography, as in 2020, no shoot is completed without them. With such a spike in drone fly, safety has become a significant concern. The drone owner must receive authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration before flying it in controlled airspace. The new drone regulations by FAA’s have made it mandatory to show up your drone registration number written with a marker, sticker, or engraved on the outside of your drone.

Here we have compiled a list of what to do and what to avoid while flying your drone first time to save you unwanted crashes and loss and other people around you. So, let’s get started.

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What To Do During a Drone Flight?

What To Do During a Drone Flight?
What To Do During a Drone Flight?

Follow all the below-mentioned instructions to experience a safe and fun-filled of your drone.

Fly Drone in Open Areas

Give a nice fly to your drone in an open and skying area as it will help you maintain sight and avoid so many obstacles. Choose an open airspace area to fly your drone without fear of being restricted and with serious consequences. 

Be Careful With Other Aircrafts

That is very important to follow the FAA regulations to fly a drone in the airspace. FAA regulations require flying the drone at an altitude of 400 feet or less in uncontrolled Class G airspace. Exceeding the limit will cause trouble for other aircraft.

Drone flyers must keep a complete check of the surrounding area and allow the other aircraft to continue on their flight path if they defer to them. Always avoid flying your drone in controlled airspace even if you have permission to do it. Make sure the airspace around you is safe and sound.

Avoid Poor Weather Conditions

It is essential to consider the weather conditions while flying your drone at the height of the sky. Some drones come with a self-heat system to survive even in cold weather and avoid adverse weather conditions. The flyer should avoid flying the drone in severe weather conditions such as rain, snow, lightning, hail and wind storms, etc.

These weather conditions make drones fly difficult and sometimes impossible. So, take care of it in the worst weather conditions. 

Keep a Keen Check on GPS

Before setting your drone in the air, make sure you have checked the compass and it’s properly calibrated. Da-Jiang Innovations recommend taking a flight only if the signals are from at least 10 GPS satellites and at least four bars of GPS signal for maximum safety.

During a flight, avoid strong magnetic fields such as steel-reinforced buildings. If the drone is not hitting a strong GPS signal, don’t set it free in the air.  Also, this is an essential addition to the do’s and don’ts of flying a drone guide.

What To Avoid During a Drone Flight?

What To Avoid During a Drone Flight?
What To Avoid During a Drone Flight?

Avoid these activities to ensure a safe and sound flight of your drone.

Don’t Fly Over People or Homes

People around you might be not careful, and experts like you. So, avoid flying your drone over homes or people at any cost. 

Some drones come with an obstacle-avoidance system that helps to detect and avoid any obstacle. This system will allow the drone to plan an appropriate flight automatically to dodge any obstruction. But, still, it is essential to prevent flying drones over buildings and people.

Falling drones from a sky-high distance can be due to many reasons like mechanical malfunction, sabotage, or weather conditions. Such incidents might cause serious injury, life threats, and significant damage to buildings or vehicles.

So, respect people’s privacy and fly your quadcopter in open areas.

Never Fly You Drone on Low Battery

What can you expect from a drone with a low battery? A total crash. Your drone needs battery power to stay up in the sky, and in case of a low battery, it will fall, damaging things. Several drones are available with intelligent batteries that activate the “return to the home” function on a low battery. The drone will automatically and safely land on the earth when the battery runs out of the limit.

If the battery is critically low and the pilot takes no action, the drone will land itself. Always keep a check on your drone’s low battery warning to save yourself from any hassle.

Don’t Fly in an Unstable Mental State

Avoid flying your drone when you are under severe mental conditions or influence by some drugs or alcohol. Flying a drone under such circumstances will be a total disaster. You will be unable to maintain the line of sight with your drone plus, and you wouldn’t be able to control it in the air properly. 

So, only fly your quadcopter in a stable physical and mental state as it is crucial for the safety of your surroundings and your gadget.

Don’t Use Cell Phone During Flight

Avoid making and answering calls or texts during a drone flight, as it can be drastic. Such activities can distract you and can cause an accident. So, avoid using a cellphone just like it is prohibited to use while driving a car on the road.

Wind Up

Flying a drone must be an exciting activity; if you take all the safety measures and follow all the regulations, it would be fun-filled. However, it is not just a fun venture, as you have to become very responsible, alert, and well-prepared.

Always respect others’ privacy as well as take care of their safety too. I hope you will have an adventurous flight. Fly Save Have Fun!

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