Gaming Laptop vs Desktop | Which One is Better?

Gaming Laptop vs DesktopDo you love playing games? Are you bored with playing games on your small screen mobile phones? And Are you searching for a Gaming laptop or desktop, but you are confused about what to buy; a gaming laptop or a PC? You are on the right page to answer such queries about Gaming laptop vs desktop. 

This article will provide you with a difference between a Gaming laptop vs desktop to fulfill your gaming requirements; what is your primary need while playing games? If you have a low budget and don’t want to move your machine, then a desktop is a good option for you than expensive gaming laptops.  

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Few things you must keep in your mind before buying a gaming laptop or desktop include:

  • Portability
  • Performance (including CPU and GPU)
  • Customizability
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Sound
  • Pricing

Let’s discuss this in a bit of Detail! Gaming Laptop vs Desktop


gaming laptop vs desktop



If you want to move your gaming system from one place to another, then a laptop is the better option. If you don’t want to move your machine, then you must consider a desktop. But the laptop can freely move with you anywhere during traveling as compared to a desktop.


Performance is the essential feature that depends on your laptop or desktop specification, but when we come to an up-gradation desktop will be the best for future up-gradation of new specification; a desktop is larger and has more space than a laptop. 

For gaming, GPU is so vital that you can swap it out on a desktop and upgrade it when a new graphics card comes.

Laptops with AMD processors have a flawed heat management system. 

The battery life of a gaming laptop is so much low. 

The customizability of Gaming laptop vs desktop

A desktop can be customized and can be changed with the user’s requirements. All specifications, including Graphic Card, RAM, memory, a processor, can be replaced with an advanced one. 

Pricing of Gaming laptop vs desktop

Pricing is so important when you want to experience high-definition gaming on a budget. The desktop is the best option on a budget than an expensive and costly gaming laptop with no upgradability. 

Some related Advantages and Disadvantages are mentioned below to help you choose between a Gaming laptop vs a desktop. 

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Advantages & Disadvantages of the Gaming Laptop

  • Gaming Laptops are Smaller & Portable. 
  • These laptops get Heat up soon.
  • These devices are a bit Costly/expensive.
  • Several such devices come with Poor battery life.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Gaming Desktop 

  • Gaming Desktops feature Ultimate High performance.
  • These devices never get heated up.
  • Gaming Desktops are of Relative Low prices.
  • Gaming PCs are good with Easy Upgradability.


In Conclusion, I once again reaffirm my position that When we talk about buying a Gaming laptop vs Desktop Must consider the things mentioned above before buying any of this gadget and do think about what is your primary need while playing games, if you have a low budget and don’t want to move your machine than desktop is a good option for you as compare to expensive gaming laptops. Make a Wise Choice!

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