How To Clean A Mousepad? | Simple Tips & Tricks

Clean a mousepad
How To Clean A Mousepad?

Have you ever wondered how to clean a mousepad? Well, no more curiosity as we will share some fundamental yet most straightforward ways to keep your mousepad clean and ready for everyday use.

Everyone uses a computer or laptop nowadays. Also, we use a mouse to work quickly. To move the mouse smoothly, here and there, we need a mouse-pad. It helps us to increase our speed and provides comfort. Let’s dive into the discussion about how to clean a mouse-pad?

 Why Should We Clean a Mousepad?

Simple Tips To Keep Your Mousepad Clean
Simple Tips To Keep Your Mousepad Clean

When we continuously use the mousepad, it becomes dusty and rough. That’s why we should clean our mouse-pad to keep it clean and smooth. There are several kinds of mouse-pad, such as soft and hard mouse-pad. 

How to Wash:

  • Here are a few ways to wash a mouse-pad:
  • Usually, the mouse-pad is dusty, so you can use a micro fabric cloth to clean it. You can also clean it with a Vacuum. The Vacuum will draw out the dust.
  • If your mouse-pad is made of cloth, you can use a washing machine to wash it out. Put your mouse-pad in a machine; pour any cleaning agent and warm water. Never forget to wipe or rub the dirty surface but softly. 
  • Get a bowl and warm water but not too much. Sink your mouse-pad and pour hand wash or soap. After that, use a brush or hands to rub it softly. Water must not be too hot because every mouse-pad has a rubber, damaging its quality.  After scratching the surface, once again, sink it in clean water. 
  • Always it would be best if you washed are warm water, brush or hand, and any detergent – it could be soap or liquid. 

How to Dry a Mouse-Pad:

  • If you want to dry it within no time, hang it in sunlight.
  • A dry machine can be the right choice
  • You can use a hair drier or fan 
  • You can use a towel to dry it.  

Wind Up on How To Clean a Mousepad

undoubtedly, taking proper care of anything adds up to the life limit of that thing. We hope that the methods mentioned above will help you get a clean and smooth mousepad, moving your mouse without any obstruction. Let us know if you have gotten any other way about how to clean a mousepad.

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