How To Use A Treadmill? [Beginners Guide]

If you are a gym freak, fitness enthusiast, or a regular exercise lover at home, you might have used a treadmill so often as your fitness routine. But for beginners, it is still a valid query on how to use a treadmill

Using a treadmill

A treadmill is a valuable and popular type of home exercise equipment and a worthy addition to your fitness studio. And that would be great if you find out the best affordable treadmill for you. 

The selection journey to find an affordable running machine built to last is complex and needs your energy. Several inexpensive and treadmills are available in the market, but we won’t call all the best and durable. You must take durability, performance, and other special features into consideration. You can find a running machine with handy space-saving technology, easy at-home assembly, and unique built-in workout programs at a cheap rate.

So, to look for a treadmill that best suits your needs and doesn’t let you exceed your budget` requires a little research. We have done an essential round-up for you and picked up the tread machine that would be your best companion for a daily workout session without giving a dig into your pocket. Find it HERE. 

Before learning about using a treadmill, let’s have a quick round of a few advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages to Using a Treadmill


Advantages to Using a Treadmill


  • The treadmill is one of the most popular, easy to use, and simple to handle exercise equipment types.
  • The user can control all the workout aspects such as incline, speed, warm-up period, cool-down period, and energy spend.
  • The treadmill likely has a comfortable and plain surface that is easy to opt for, and the risk of slipping or falling is less.
  • The user can customize the workout program to fit the time of their exercise.
  • A treadmill design and structure can be helpful for multiple users.
  • Besides running and walking, the user can trace his fitness progress through unique features such as a step counter and heart rate monitor. 
  • Running and walking is a great and valuable option for calories burn, and running on a treadmill gives you this opportunity to do it in the comfort of your home.  
  • Users can make the workout journey on this running machine more enjoyable by watching television or reading to make it more interesting.

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Disadvantages to Using a Treadmill


Disadvantages to Using a Treadmill


  • Treadmills are expensive equipment with some models of more than $2000. But, take a sigh of relief; we have compiled a list of a few affordable treadmills for you.
  • The treadmill with a cushioned surface seems safe, but it still can cause stress on the hip, knee, and ankle joints and a harsh impact on the back. So, testing and checking the surface is essential.
  • Some models are known to be noisy and can be a constant disturbance during activities around them.
  • Treadmills are not space-efficient, and some modern treadmill models are generally unfoldable and take up the space of up to 36 inches wide by 72 inches long.
  • The maintenance of this machine usually requires professional service instead of domestic. 
  • People prone to have various exercises may find the treadmill workout boring as it is limited to walking to running. 

How To Use A Treadmill? 



Using a treadmill being a beginner requires a bit of training and consciousness. With time your stamina will boost up, but at the start, you need to have patience, learn a few basic principles, and work on your energy to avoid dizziness, injury, dehydration, and fluctuating Blood Pressure. Let’s know here step-by-step how to use the treadmill.


  1. If you have any joint or back issues, first, consult your doctor to learn whether you should go for the walking only or opt for the running as well. 
  2. After deciding your area of comfort, now buy some comfortable running shoes. Don’t select in a hurry; take your time and pick the right pair for you that makes your toe feel like a home.
  3. Right in the 90 mins of running before this machine, intake 16-24 fluid oz of water to avoid dehydration. Also, visit the washroom before setting up on the treadmill to prevent interruption during treadmill workouts that affect the rhythm and aerobic exercise benefits.
  4. Wear thick crew socks instead of ankle socks to avoid injuries.
  5. Take at least 5 mins for a warm-up and 5 mins to cool down before and after every treadmill session to walking at a pace of 1.5 to 2 mph.
  6. Keep swinging your arms while walking or running on this workout equipment instead of holding the treadmill handles. This practice will help to burn more calories and gain your balance independently.
  7. Correctly set the speed and incline of your tread machine. You can set up these as per your requirements. You can opt for the programmed workouts at the beginning of this exercise instead of customized settings. 
  8. This running machine comes with a safety clip that is an emergency shut-off. In the beginning, use it as It prevents you from falling if you lose balance. You can stop using it anytime as you get comfortable with this machine.
  9. In the beginning, do a 20-30 mins workout session. You can increase the time gradually as you start getting comfortable on the treadmill and develop a routine.
  10. Take 5 mins to cool down after workout sessions. Take 1-2 weeks to get adjusted, and after that, you can experiment with inclines and speed on the treadmill.

Wrap up

Remember! You won’t get a treadmill pro at the very beginning. Things take time to occur. So, give yourself some time to be comfortable with this equipment and develop some stamina.

Enjoy Your running!

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